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Self is a mobile app that combines ChatGPT with a complete set of functionalities.

The Self app is made by Crew Relay Chat L.L.C.

Self was built to provide the best AI experience!

Self has a free trial period, and you're given processing time, so you can test and decide if it is for you. Beyond the trial, it is subscription based. See in-app for most accurate details.

If you provide your own OPENAI API KEY, you can get a discounted price to cover for the voice audio processing.

I am Christophe, a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am building Self & Tom.

When you register with Self using your Apple account, we record your first name, last name, and email address. We use this for authentication purposes and might reach out using emails for marketing research or support. Your first name will be shared with Tom.


When Carplay is detected, like most iOS apps, self will automatically use the car audio and display, and will disable the phone's UI to reduce distractions.


When an Apple Watch is detected, you can use Self/Tom on your watch. The app needs the phone to run. It is mostly a remote control for the phone app, using the watch microphone and speaker.

We're working on improving the phone/watch communication.

On Apple Watch ULTRA, the microphone is muted when Tom speaks, as the iOS/builtin voice-processing required to prevent the recording of the output of the speaker with the builtin microphone is not functional.

When the app is installed on your watch, you can add a complication on your watch face to launch Self automatically.

The app offers a wide range of features:

However, the app does not yet have the following features: